Friday, September 30, 2011

Rules and Pigeons

So far I think I'll be sticking to...the stickers...Did I just say that? Here are the rules (which I will probably break):
  • a sticker a day (unless I cannot make it to a computer somehow to upload)
  • limited to a three color palette
  • based on drawings or photos of my creation
  • stay away from really obvious images (zombies, Domo-kun, etc.)
  • not limited to banana stickers (use other fruit or even make up new fruit if you want).
The project prompt for day 2 was to consider incorporating my favorite animal into my project. Hence, a pigeon graces today's sticker.

I love pigeons. They come in so many different varieties that even in a small group, each one seems to stand out on their own. Some people enjoy people-watching - I could watch pigeons do their thing for...well long enough.

I would be stoked to see a pigeon sticker on a banana, but I don't know that many other people would. Considering their (unwarranted) reputation as disease carrying nuisances, the masses would probably reject bananas all together. Oh well.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing NannerSquid and friends...

This is a blog based on Noah Scalin's 365: A Daily Creativity Journal. I'm thinking of two different year-long projects: the first one being a daily fruit sticker inspired by those nifty Chiquita banana stickers. I've decided to focus on these fun designs because of the massive amounts of creative contained in each one. They seem so simple until you realize that they are all created with a limited color palette (yellow, blue, and white is all you get) in a limited space (small, stocky oval).

So meet NannerSquid, the first of my daily fruit stickers. This was created in Inkscape - an awesome, freeware vector illustration program. It took about an hour and a half to make including sketching, scanning, planning, and messing around with vector tools.

The other project I have been considering will involve making a painting using gouache once per day. That idea would need some tightening up to really work.
So please follow this blog, and hold me accountable for these images. Thanks.