Friday, September 30, 2011

Rules and Pigeons

So far I think I'll be sticking to...the stickers...Did I just say that? Here are the rules (which I will probably break):
  • a sticker a day (unless I cannot make it to a computer somehow to upload)
  • limited to a three color palette
  • based on drawings or photos of my creation
  • stay away from really obvious images (zombies, Domo-kun, etc.)
  • not limited to banana stickers (use other fruit or even make up new fruit if you want).
The project prompt for day 2 was to consider incorporating my favorite animal into my project. Hence, a pigeon graces today's sticker.

I love pigeons. They come in so many different varieties that even in a small group, each one seems to stand out on their own. Some people enjoy people-watching - I could watch pigeons do their thing for...well long enough.

I would be stoked to see a pigeon sticker on a banana, but I don't know that many other people would. Considering their (unwarranted) reputation as disease carrying nuisances, the masses would probably reject bananas all together. Oh well.

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