Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Argyle Nanner and "The Debt"

Another repeating pattern...I'm sensing...a pattern here. Ack!

I realize I am acquiring a large debt on missed posts. It's not the sort of thing I like to do (I like posting bad work more than not posting at all), but it happens. One neat thing about a daily project is that it has me constantly thinking about new designs. Unfortunately, it's also too easy to get wrapped up in the day.

I spend my work breaks thinking up ideas, and I spend my evenings trying to make them happen. It never feels like a chore since I'm always doing something different. Sometimes I listen to music to help the creative process along. I really like trying to discover new artists and find out my musical tastes.

I won't make a habit of posting too much about the music I like. But if you are interested in what I've been listening to whilst thinking up these pattern stickers, check out Paraphrase Accolade by Nouveaunoise. It's hard for me to explain music since I'm not a music guy at all, but I'll try. Nouveaunoise is an Irish electronic duo who make music out of crazy amounts of instrument and vocal samples layered perfectly one on top of the other. It's not obnoxious, auto-tune electric pop. It's not something you would hear at a rave. It won't be placed into the "Dub-step" folder.

The album is free to listen to through the above link. You can check out their other stuff from there, too.

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