Monday, June 11, 2012


My work time has become a precious commodity. This has forced me to become a little more productive - at least, I hope that's the case. Some things have just had to go on the back-burner, but this project continues on.

Thinking more and more about my perceived limits and boundaries, I realized how fear plays into my art. I've become so self-conscious with regards to being original, unique, and talented, that I stop working entirely. I'm not great at drawing. I accept that. But I can only get better if I keep at it without worrying about pleasing everyone.

Experimenting with type today. I used my templates for my thumbnail sketches. Each one started as a phrase which was then fit onto a unique wave grid and broken into negative shapes. In some cases it worked well. Others became jumbled. They were all so much fun to do, though. From top to bottom: "ROBOT KISS", "MORE BETTER", "DANK!","MY JAM", and "PLEASE TO ENJOY".

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