Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nannerbend and the Unlearning

An older design from my sketchbook. I'm in that weird space right now where I feel somewhat inspired but unable to produce anything worthwhile. I really don't like what I see here. I do like that I'm looking at something, however.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is sitting on my desktop at the moment. I have a free trial for the creative cloud service - its thirty days of trial goodness are ticking down. It's a much more robust set of tools with some features I have been really wanting since I started this project. Unfortunately, it's a completely different set of features in different locations, under different names, and with different hotkeys. Illustrator wants me to push 'P' (for pen tool) rather than 'B' (for Bezier Tool). They want me to hold 'ctrl' while I press '+' or '-' to zoom. It's tripping me up a little bit.

With patience, I could probably unlearn my habits and migrate over. It might also be possible to just re-bind all of the offending shortcut keys. It all depends on whether or not I commit to Illustrator. Some things to think about I guess.

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