Thursday, January 26, 2012

I doubt it...I guarantee it...

Finally posting the finished versions of these stickers. These are based on one of my favorite podcasts - IGN's Podcast Beyond! As the hosts read off the news stories of the week they decide whether they are news-worthy (saying "I guarantee it" like the Men's Wearhouse guy) or not ("I doubt it" from some furniture commercial on the East coast). There you go, Greg Miller - I plugged your podcast. Might I also just say...BEYOND!

It was difficult to just start messing around with these designs. Knowing what I know now about how type is created and judged, I felt like I had no right to work with it the way I had been. Of course, that's a bunch of lies. I know what's wrong with the type on the "I doubt it sticker". I'm aware that I built all of the letters haphazardly, disregarded baselines, ignored stem widths, didn't tweak each form for consistency, created mismatching serifs, and spent little to no time kerning between each letter.

The thing is - none of that matters. I'm not getting paid to create this work. I only get an hour or two, tops, to make these stickers on my own time. The work doesn't represent me. It's not a reflection of my abilities or work ethic. I'm not charging you, the viewer, to look at what I've done. These little projects are for me. They animate and motivate me. That's all I could ask for.

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