Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have a moustache-related project, so here's a moustache-themed sticker. I know this is kind of a popular motif right now. I'm also aware how dumb and simple this seems (it literally took 15 minutes to put together). But there's something charming about this concept to me - when placed on a banana, it gives the fruit a moustache. Please to enjoy "The Brimley".

I will be finishing the stickers from the last post soon I hope. I was excited to work with type after reading The Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible. But then, something happened - I flinched. I got overwhelmed by all of my potential mistakes and I couldn't follow through. I let resistance, once again, tell me I wasn't ready to challenge myself.

I would like to think I'm over it: that knowing my tendencies and knowing about resistance would keep me from worrying. But I'm not. Being creative means overcoming resistance everyday. It means telling yourself (and sometimes others) that it's time to put everything aside and just create.

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