Sunday, September 16, 2012 bandage

You know...because bandaid is just the genericized trademark for adhesive bandage. Just like how velcro is the genericized trademark for wacky, burr-like, fabric fastener. Let us not forget how Milk Bites are the Kraft Foods' genericized trademark for delicious, weird, granola bars with some kind of milk product...

Let me get something out of the way: my reasons for starting this project are kind of all over the place. Beyond all of the logical reasons I told myself (learning Inkscape, getting into vector illustration, overcoming procrastination), there was always one clear answer: escape.

The genesis of this project was a terrible argument I had with my wife that nearly tore us apart. Fast forward to today where she has all but completely moved out/on, and I understand how important this whole thing is. I have a rapidly shrinking sense of self-worth and my motivation waxes and wanes randomly. I'm watching my family dissolve, and there are very things left to grab and keep from falling.

I'm appreciative of those remaining footholds, though: the people who have helped out, directly and indirectly, while I hang on for dear life. I also want to thank this project, if possible, for giving me something else to think about when things go even more wrong. I'm sorry for not updating everyday like I'm supposed to, but understand that I'm still learning how this all works.

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