Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dragon Week: Day 1

Welcome to theme week - seven days of stickers based on a theme too good for just one sticker. This week's theme is dragons!

I love dragons. As a huge nerd, it's hard not to think dragons are awesome. Dragons are fearsome adversaries with huge treasure stashes, ancient beings with terrible power, and mystical avatars of forgotten deities. They also come in a veritable rainbow of sizes, shapes, colors, and motivations. Hence, dragon week.

Today's design is dragon scales. When I saw the completed version of this sticker, I thought about a banana covered in shiny, yellow, scales. I think it's time for some sleep.

One last thing: the king hippo, eggplant wizard, and Pit stickers are scanned and ready to be finished up this week. I also have a couple Adventure Time stickers from over the weekend that will show up soon.

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