Thursday, February 16, 2012

King Hippo

I figured out in the course of my sketching, why I've ended up with so many monster stickers - I love the little creatures. My favorite parts of videogame instruction manuals and strategy guides are where the publisher hides all of the monster data. I remember pretty clearly, now, how I would fill sheets of paper with the goombas and turtles from Mario 3. That's the stuff that really got me thinking about drawing for a living - and I haven't really had a reason to look back since.

I didn't play the original Punchout back in the day. Captain N was about as close as I would get to King Hippo until the Wii remake a couple years ago. Just the same, that character design is just as imposing and iconic today as it was back then.

Actual stickers to be completed no later than...Saturday.

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