Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I started sketching a series of straight lines with minor variations earlier today. Twenty minutes after I started I had a pretty cool design in front of me. These lines don't seem to convey topography the way the sketch does. However, I think it was kind of cool to sit down and think about how to convert the sketch into a vector.

A really cool thing starts to happen when you learn more about your craft - you don't have to think quite as hard to accomplish things you once thought were impossible. I assembled each piece of this sticker in my head before I even picked up my stylus. I could think less and do more.

It's just lines. It's not all that complicated (it would have gave me an ulcer when I was still a beginner though). I'm already picking apart things I don't like about it. But it really felt like a break-through after two of those lines hit the page.

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