Friday, March 2, 2012

Choro-Q Week: Day Five

According to my research, my favorite car was never made into a choro-q model. To remedy that, I have decided to 'shoop tha woop' and make my own AC Cobra choro-q.

As you can see: I found an image using google image search, traced around the car with the pen tool, separated the image from the background, used free transform to stretch and squash the car to the right proportions, removed extraneous details (part of the window, the chassis, the brackets for the missing bumber), filled in the grill and windshield, and thickened the tires with some quick copy-paste-behind shenanigans. I now have a photograph I can work with.

I realized today after I finished listening to the new Accidental Creative podcast that these difficult themes are really unhealthy for my creative process. The whole point of this daily project is to come up with a new sticker every day. I think these cars are nice and challenging, but the lengthy process is causing me some despair. I'm really behind on stickers, which makes it difficult to even want to consider new ones. I don't want to work this way. So tomorrow will be the last choro-q sticker. Then we're back to regular days.

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