Monday, March 12, 2012


I based today's sticker off of one of my very favorite NES games - River City Ransom. In Japan, there were a bunch of games in this series based around hot-blooded high school brawlers (the lead character is called Kunio).

For this sticker, I opted to take a direct study of the original artwork and create my vectors from there. Drawing from memory and research is always my preferred method, but occasionally I like to get as close as possible to existing work and see what makes it function. This is the frame of mind I was in when I made the sticker based on Hokusai's great wave print last week. I can take no credit for these original creations, and I would never seek to profit from them. This is a place for me to learn and share my discoveries - that's all.

Images continue to be a problem. My primary goal this week is to push forward and figure out how to get it all working again.

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