Friday, May 11, 2012


The maximum tomato from the Kirby series. Always a welcome sight to troubled Dreamland travelers and smash brawlers. Kirby turns twenty this year, hence all the stickers.

I wanted to mix it up a bit with color schemes, themes, and orientation. I was thinking about the practical use of these stickers - you know, putting them on fruit and vegetables. I began to think up some weird fruit that doesn't exist, then I thought about what the stickers would look like. Eventually, this idea took hold.

Because the concept was more elaborate than the actual design of the thing, I decided to create a simple illustration of the sticker in action. I haven't gotten to really dig deep into the use of gradients or blurred paths in Inkscape, since the start of this project. From the outset, I was determined to avoid continuous tone and color schemes of more than three colors. This was a fun exception though. It didn't take long to get it in this workable condition. Sure, the stem looks flat, the cast shadow is misshaped, and there's no bounce light reflection on the bottom of the tomato, but it's done. It's out of my head. It's not a forgotten idea lost to procrastination.

Look forward to similar things here and there.

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