Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Throwin' Up NannerHorns

Not sure what prompted the devil horns in this original sketch. Bang Camaro's 'Push Push Lady Lightning'? This sort of thing isn't my normal style. I've been thinking about that hard-edged, squared-off, look. This was sort of an experiment to take something round and make it square. I scanned the image and vectored the pen strokes with the Bezier tool. Not too bad. A little sloppy - but that's the point, right?

I use a small sketchbook (about 3x5") and whatever pencils happen to be lying around when I'm not at home. My personal preference is a blunted 4B pencil with a blending stump and knead-able eraser. My tool of choice for this page, however, was the Tombow ABT N15 double-sided felt tip pen. It's a rad little marker with a nice, firm, detailing tip and a soft tip that feels like a brush dipped in ink. Better still, none of the marks bleed through any paper thicker than cheap news print!

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