Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This is...this is me right now. Beyond surface thoughts, past the dumb jokes and forced smile, I'm struggling to hold it all together. Today was a harsh reminder of that fragility. To those who look at these pieces and support me, to my very best friends at work and in life, and those few who know me well enough to see this truth: you all help me keep it together more than you'll ever know. Your late calls, unexpected road trips, and strange/awesome/nostalgic conversations force me to remember my feelings.

The effect was created by drawing sloppy triangles over the standard oval and using the 'divide' path effect to break it apart. Each piece was given a white stroke, nudged, and rotated to get the desired result.

Once again, my brain scoffed at the simplicity and theme. I had no desire to create a 'bummer' sticker. Presenting it in such a cliche (in my mind) way nearly made me throw the idea out entirely. I stuck around to see how it would turn out and to get some experience with the 'divide' effect. I actually like the result - even if it is a little sad.

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