Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Inkscape features a 'trace bitmap' tool. I had no idea this feature even existed until yesterday. Adobe Illustrator has a similar thing called 'live trace' that will basically take a raster image and turn it into a vector illustration. The results vary from image to image. I think this one turned out pretty good.

Today's piece is something of an abstraction. I took some freshly made ink from an ink-stone, poured it onto some low-quality cold-press paper, and moved it around the page by blowing into a straw. Once that was dry, I added some features with a marker to create what you see here. It reminds me of some kind of spider or fungus. Not really sure, but it was fun to do.

I am currently in the process of setting up a drawing space that can be taken down and put up with relative ease. I have all kinds of crazy materials and equipment given to me throughout my life. Finding subjects shouldn't prove to be too hard. Setting up independent drawing study is the tough part for me. I know where some of my weaknesses are, but I'm not sure the best ways to tackle them.

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