Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Horror

Wanted to get a quick one out there. The important part of this project is doing the work, even if it's not always fantastic. Metroid is 25 this year. Consider this just one of my tribute pieces. Oh and enjoy the behind the scenes look (every detail is a fully editable object, which makes revising and changing these things easy if you know what you're doing).

Metroids are horrible creatures. They haunt my nightmares. In the original game, you didn't even encounter a Metroid until the final area. And thank goodness for that, because those mutant jellyfish will hunt you down and drain your health with a fierceness. Your only defense against these beasts is to curl into a ball and constantly blow yourself up while praying you have enough of a window to hit them with your ice beam. Later games in the series made them even more menacing by mutating them or sending you into abandoned laboratories full of the things.


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