Thursday, October 6, 2011

I hate this

It's me. I wanted to do a self-portrait as part of this project, but I think it would actually take more time to create something I'm happy with. I still have a lot to learn about vector illustration before I tackle faces again.

One thing I've noticed about each of these pieces, is that reducing things down to three colors is the hardest part. I like the ones based on my sketches the best because I can plan around the limited palette (there's a lot to be said for the positive/negative relationships that can occur here).

So I didn't want to post this because I don't think it's that great. Just the same, I promised a new one each day- not a good one each day.

I want to do this again. I will re-do this, but I will continue making new ones. My re-do won't count. There are so many reasons I shouldn't be doing a self-portrait right now anyway.

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