Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Peach Sticker for a Banana

Add this to that category of things I'm surprised I didn't do sooner. Peach is one of my favorite characters in the Mario universe. Gliding across tough areas in Mario Bros. 2, keeping my party's HP levels up in Super Mario RPG, and knocking fools out of bounds with a well placed butt-attack in Smash Bros. are just a few reasons she'll always be my first choice. I've always enjoyed the rage my friends express when she wins: twirling about, waving, and saying something classic like "Peachie's got it!" or "Aw, did I win?".

Original doodle on a post-it note. Said post-it also contains two more ideas I plan on using this coming week. They involve a wizard, and fist-bumping. Should be an interesting one.

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