Monday, October 10, 2011

Still Here...

To make up for a missing sticker yesterday, I present two semi-related pieces. The first is what I'm told is the Kanji for "banana". I'm not actually 100% sure about that, but it seemed legitimate enough to fool a gaijin like me. The primary element in the sticker is actually the japan-inspired repeating pattern. I got the idea from this tutorial over at vectortuts+.

The second sticker is my take on the classic beckoning cat you've probably seen somewhere at one point in your life. I thought I would make a more rotund version and play around with some of the negative space relationships.

Inkscape's path-finder options leave a barely noticeable seam around the objects they create. There may be a way to mitigate that with some layer trickery. I'm noticing it more on my clipping masks for yellow-on-yellow. That might need a bit of research.

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