Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Nanner Draws Near...

A bit late - but happy 25th birthday, Dragon Quest! Today's sticker celebrates one of the most iconic monsters in the known world: the blue slime. I wanted to hold off on the slime (it was one of my first sticker ideas, actually) until I had something else I could add to it. Consider this an experiment in more decorative borders (testing the waters for an art nouveau-inspired sticker).

Admittedly, I didn't play the original Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior here in the states) or many of the other games in the series for that matter. I recently beat Dragon Quest 9 for the DS. I also enjoyed Rocket Slime and what little I have played of the Dragon Quest: Monsters/Joker series.

Despite my limited exposure to the series, I absolutely love it for what it is. It is awesome to see a game change up its gameplay, story, and themes so much while retaining the spirit of the original game. Other JRPG series added lengthy CGI cutscenes, convoluted plots, brooding teenagers, and questionable fashion. Dragon Quest retains the catchy music, light-hearted stories, and those great Akira Toriyama character designs.

Tomorrow is the end of week two. That was just for me. I cannot believe I'm closing out another week!

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  1. Nice! This one is probably my favorite so far. DQ holds a special place in my heart.